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The Pemigewasset Valley Search and Rescue Team (PVSART) is a volunteer organization formed in 2005 to assist with woodlands searches for lost or missing persons and with carry outs. It provides support to the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, which under RSA 206:26 (XII) has controlling authority for all woodlands search and rescue services in the state of New Hampshire. PVSART responds only to requests from NH Fish & Game or other public safety agencies. The primary response area for the team is Grafton County and the western side of the White Mountains.

PVSART also promotes hiker safety by providing trained speakers to address local school groups and other organizations and by posting safety information and resources for hikers on this site.

Membership is open to all hikers 18 and over in good physical condition who live in the local area. Contact us to join.

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In March 2004, two hikers failed to return on-time from a day-hike on Mt. Lafayette and the next morning New Hampshire Fish & Game commenced a search for them. Fish & Game, which relies heavily upon volunteer search and rescue groups to provide the large number of personnel necessary for such operations, called upon the Mountain Team in Gorham, and the Upper Valley Wilderness Response Team in Hanover both well outside the immediate area of need. At this time, there simply wasn't a locally organized search and rescue team ready and available to assist Fish & Game.

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That changed in June 2005 when a hiker slipped on the Old Bridle Path on Mt. Lafayette and broke her ankle. She needed to be carried out to an ambulance and treated at a hospital. This time Fish & Game only had to call upon one volunteer group: Seventeen members of PVSART responded to that callout and, along with five Fish & Game officers, completed the mission in just over four hours. Many years later, PVSART remains one of New Hampshire's foremost volunteer search and rescue teams, composed of dedicated, compassionate and highly skilled individuals ready to assist those in need.

Today, PVSART averages 30 missions per year with a roster of about 75 members.

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Allan Clark
Vice President
Jaime Bernard

Mary Strafuss
Marie Snyder

Rusty Talbot
Chris Camejo
Jen Adams

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